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37°11.23 N - 26°48.27 E

The Leros Boatyard is located in the natural bay of Partheni. The Dry Dock area and facilities covers 40,000 m2 and accommodates about 340 Yachts. It is equipped with a 70-ton travel lift, a self-powered 40-ton hydraulic trolley, a 55-ton and a 2-ton telescopic crane, to facilitate the maneuvering of vessels, equipment, engines, masts etc. Apart from power washing and other primary services, the boatyard offers a full range of workshops, facilities and services. We provide professional maintenance, repairs, refits, renovations and constructions, concerning the vessels and all their equipment. Our workshop facilities amongst others provide with mechanics – electrics – electronics – refrigeration – rigging – sail repairs – machinery – stainless steel, aluminum and steel work – composites and coatings – paints – shipwrights – carpentry – upholstery etc.  

A diver is available for underwater repairs, hull cleaning, inspection etc. 

Facilities & other services

Various services are available in the 2600 m2 of buildings and facilities, some of which are showers, WC, laundry and dry cleaning. Special areas for cleaning and drying sails, storage areas, workshops and a painting hall for boats are onsite.  

A marine chandlery of 400 m2, the largest in Leros & the Dodecanese Islands, is also located here, fully equipped, and providing great support for the maintenance and repair needs of your vessel.

The Boatyard's reception office is located in the administration building. We will assist and provide you with all necessary information regarding the formalities and tend to your requirements.

Electricity and water is available to the hard standing vessels. Please contact the reception for information regarding power/water fees and leasing of plugs, adaptors, extension cables, hoses etc.

Facilities are available for the disposal of used engine oil, old batteries and biological wastes. Please request information and instructions at the reception desk.

Rubbish disposal containers are conveniently distributed throughout the boatyard area.

Wi–Fi system is free of charge; please request information from the reception desk.

Weather reports (daily) and other important information is displayed on the information board outside the reception office.