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The Prefecture of the Dodecanese is characterised not only by its astonishing collection of islands, but also by the variety of its cultural resources that stem from the constant and consistent residency of the area dating from pre-historic times to today. The medieval architecture is especially interesting, since Greek culture and civilization has adopted a variety of elements from Eastern, Mediterranean and Western cultures. Judging from the large number of churches built on the island, clearly the religious element is profound and obviously very strong. The island of Leros is strategically positioned in the Prefecture of the Dodecanese with a view overlooking the calm, peaceful and distant Aegean.

From an administrative point of view, Leros belongs to the Province of Kalymnos within the Province of the Dodecanese in the South Aegean region. It includes one Municipality – the Municipality of Leros and eleven settlements on the island which are governed by the Municipality. Further, the smaller islands in the vicinity of Kinaros, Levitha and Farmakonisi all belong to Leros.

Leros is the ninth of twelve islands in the Prefecture of the Dodecanese. It covers an area of 53 square kilometres with 71 kilometres of total coastal length. It is considered to be a rocky island with small, flat areas scattered among the high grounds. The island’s coastal areas present intense sculpturing and secure bays are formed throughout.

The island has two ports. One of them is Lakki in the southwest part of the island and is one of the largest, natural harbours in the Mediterranean. The second harbour at Agia Marina is in the northeast part of Leros

“In being natural, peaceful, genuine, and innocent, Leros awaits to be visited by you so as to charm you by offering you endless, carefree moments of relaxation.”

Leros is a destination that has not suffered from the consequences of mass tourism yet.. This is not to say that it is an island for only a limited number of people, but most certainly it an island for those willing to travel so far because they truly love serenity and nature, without denying themselves simple, decent accommodations, good real Greek food and an interesting night life. On the contrary, what Leros has to offer to those who know what they want is simple yet comfortable accommodation of high quality and sufficient quantity, great food made from local products, and a state of calmness away from the daily routine and problems of life in the big cities.

Here, time seems to stand still or moves at a more sedate pace. Here, your own time will stand still for the duration of your stay. Away from the crowded and fashionable destinations, the large travel agencies and hasty travellers, on the island you will enjoy simple, everyday things without feeling at all isolated. This is Leros, the island of Artemis, the island of the castles and the Byzantine churches, with its picturesque homes and mansions, its Bauhaus settlement at Lakki that is unique in Europe, its mooring places and its virgin beaches, the open-hearted, fun-loving, hospitable people of Leros, the verdant landscape and crystal clear waters.

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